A protein blend is any supplement containing more than one source of protein. The protein combination can come from a variety of sources. It can be made from whey protein and casein or whey protein and egg protein, to name a few combinations. The benefits of a protein blend is a person will consume numerous sources of protein in one take, which makes it great for athletes. Each protein has its own unique amino profile, rates of digestion, and can bring slightly different benefits.


The key to any protein blend is analyzing the individual protein sources within and their varying nutritional benefits. Per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration labeling guidelines, casein, whey protein, and isolated soy protein are considered complete proteins, meaning they have a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.00. This would make each of these proteins a great addition to a protein blend.


A protein blend can be taken anytime during the day and is a great way to boost daily protein intake. For anyone who trains regularly, taking a protein blend shake 1-3 times a day can help increase muscle maintenance and growth. So, what does all this mean for your customers? Protein blends are for anyone searching to gain more protein or an athlete needing more nutritional benefits than any one protein source can provide. Protein blends provide an easy, convenient, and flavorsome way to take advantage of the various benefits that different protein sources offer while ensuring that your consumers’ daily protein intake is met. This is especially important when your customers are looking to improve their body composition or hit a specific strength goal.