1. Who is Valentine Enterprises, Inc.?

2. What certifications does VEI have?

3. What types of products does VEI produce?

4. What R&D services does VEI provide?

5. Does VEI provide off-the-shelf or stock formulas?

6. Does VEI have their own brand or sell direct to consumer?

7. What types of packaging options does VEI have?

8. What labeling types are available?

9. Does VEI provide printing and label art services?

10. What are the minimum order quantities (MOQ) for each order?

11. What is the lead time for the first order?

12. What is the lead time for subsequent orders?

13. What are the payment terms?

14. Does VEI warehouse finished goods?

15. What QC process does VEI have in place?

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